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Stop Smiling Books is an independently owned book imprint based in Chicago. In 2009, Stop Smiling—then an arts and culture magazine—released its final issue and transitioned into book publishing, drawing upon the same contributors and themes that were explored in the magazine for its book titles.

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Listen to the Echoes

Listen to the Echoes

The Ray Bradbury Interviews

Sam Weller

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Choose from dozens of themed issues exploring jazz, boxing, publishing, gambling, hip-hop, Hollywood and more.

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“My Favorite Magazine: Stop Smiling”

Jack Shafer, media critic of Slate

“Stop Smiling brings analogue pleasures to a digital world. I salute it for its lack of pretension (something that being in Chicago, rather than New York, may account for), its intellectual legibility, and its graphic soundness. Thanks to it, my night table groans once more.”

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